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December 25, 2020

Light Freedom Revival releases 'Terra Architecta'

based on an upcoming video game

Feat. Marisa Frantz, Vanja Grastic & Ry Jones

Join the Soul Ascension VR to live in a Living Crystal Society!

VANCOUVER, BC: John Vehadija has reunited with a young group of international musicians to record ‘Terra Architecta', the new rock opera album by Light Freedom Revival, which will be released for Christmas 2020.

John explains: "I wrote this album based on the Light Templates my brother Charles and I created to explain a whole new philosophy of how to live in a positively crystallized reality named Terra Architecta. We visualize it as a holographic game of augmented reality which we hope to create in the future. We’ve always been interested in mapping knowledge and with our designs we can actually create new light intelligence in terms of seeing hyperspace connections between seemingly unrelated things. In a higher dimension of perception there are entire networks of interaction between souls, determining how they should manifest their physical experience. There is also a hierarchy of being who guides humanity back and forth through history to prepare it for Ascension in a new Universe of Light where there is a giant crystal city. This living reality video game works with divine tools designed by the Architects of Light as representatives of the Infinite Light Mind to reinvent and experience itself as the living consciousness of a newly created civilization."


'Terra Architecta’ is now available on the store page and also on iTunes and on other music services.



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