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November 25, 2019

Light Freedom Revival Releases

Holiday Themed Album 'Cristamagicrystal'

Feat. Marisa Frantz, Vanja Grastic & Ry Jones

Join the celebrations for a fulfilled Soul Destiny!

VANCOUVER, BC: John Vehadija has recruited a young group of international musicians to record ‘Cristamagicrystal’, the new winter holiday themed album by Light Freedom Revival, which will be released on November 19th, 2019.


While Vehadija and Marisa Frantz provide a great interplay of male-female vocals, Vanya’s guitars offer an array of  electric Christmas themed celebratory riffs, Ry Jones uses winter season specific key sounds, and the rhythm section is provided by Nico and Sam Bourne on bass and drums. The mixing and mastering is done by the veteran sound engineer Lake at the 216 Pro Studio who has worked over 25 years with Columbia - EMI.


The fresh Christmas sound of the new band served as a musical crystal river for Vehadija to explore the concept of the ‘light rapture-continuum’ which happens every year in the period between Christmas and New Year’s Day. 


“I created this album because I believe the whole month of December downloads into our energetic system a list of checkpoints which will stay with us for the whole New Year! You can use ‘Cristamagicrystal’ to resonate with your future-self on a light probability anchored to the divine plan and become aware of your destiny gates to accelerate your soul evolution! We live in an intelligent Creation and this is a hidden truth which many in the know have used to gain advantage over those who are not aware of this quantum time crystal communication phenomenon!”


“Very fun songs to sing on!” comments Marisa Frantz, while Vanya the guitarist, lets us know ‘I have to thank John for getting me involved, I enjoyed this project immensely and I look forward to working with him again!’, his thoughts are also resonant with Ry’s, the keyboardist, who agreed “I’m pleased he liked my keys work, I really enjoyed the tracks!”


Mr. Ed Unitsky provides the wonderful artwork done with a specific paintbrush style which will definitely fuel the imagination of the listeners to reveal the true magic of Christmas. 


The ‘Cristamagicrystal’ CD is now available on the store page and also online on iTunes and other music services.

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