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June 09, 2020

Progressive Rock Group Light Freedom Revival

Releases New Single ‘Everybody Knows Us’

Feat. Billy Sherwood, Jay Schellen & Oliver Wakeman

VANCOUVER, BC - Light Freedom Revival surprises their fans with a brand new single Everybody Knows Us, about the lead singer’s vision of a parallel Earth where Hollywood was a major gold mining hub for the planet.


John explains his dream in more detail: “On this parallel Earth, which looked like an advanced steampunk society, there was significantly more gold available for mining so people developed an augmented multi-arm technology to extract the ore from the ground, but the telepathic link between man and machine was kept by the love of the twin souls, and so the main character has to always protect his wife in order to keep the business going.”  


Vehadija arranged the song with guitarist Lino Gonzalez and knew he wanted some giant bass sounds along with some powerful percussion. 


“I thought it would be cool for him to have the YES rhythm section on his track, so I asked my dear friend Jay Schellen to play drums.” Billy Sherwood tells us, while Oliver explains: “I've tried to add a lot of organic keyboards, piano, fairlight, mellotron, which I think helps add new colors to the piece.”


On a personal note John Vehadija shares with us that the single means a lot to him because it emotionally bridges twelve years of struggles between trying to complete his first album in 2008 and now in 2020 when he is excited to have a professional musical platform to release his ideas into the world.


Everybody Knows Us is available on CD with three extra bonus tracks from the White Oil Record Label and it can be found at as well as digitally on iTunes and Amazon.

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