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I always found wisdom in Jon Anderson’s words and I always had a great love and passion for his music. Spiritually, I was able to easily feel the soul freedom his songs portrayed and felt a sense of unity with an ever-shapeshifting benevolent totality of consciousness. The concept of Musicsoul Continuum means that we are all conduits for music coming from a living conscious singularity of being and therefore the music is eternal.


I’m quite certain nobody has attempted to do a 4CD tribute to Jon Anderson before, so I’m proud to be the first artist who has completed such a task. This project is my way of contributing to the music world and creating a precedent for the future. On a personal level, I felt I was running a marathon, training myself to sound better and understanding the meaning behind the song structures. It was an accelerated learning process, but this was my dream and so I did it! 


Sometimes I felt negativity channeled towards me, that I would never finish and even if I did my voice would not do justice to the songs, yet it turned out I was confident enough as an artist, comfortable in my own skin to stay focused on my goal and so I only grew stronger to dissipate the hate projections, since I believed common sense would prevail. I put a lot of love and care into my work and I hope the listeners can respect that. 


To complete this project I had to surrender to a more powerful force than myself and follow its guidance to make sure I reached the release date. At times, it felt a bit like I was the captain of a ship lost at sea, trying desperately to reach land, yet the difficulties I encountered were solved one by one with the help of the people I worked with, who were all very nice and supportive towards the final result of this musical statement.


At first, I thought it was just going to be one CD, but I wasn’t sure what type of production I was going to use, if I could find the right chemistry between players, but everything that came back to me I loved and just when I had to make some tough decisions, I realized that one CD probably won’t do Jon Anderson’s career justice either, and so I chose to produce all four, as an homage to the music I loved for more than 20 years. 


The Musicsoul Continuum Force is guiding all existence and we live in its wake on paths we call destinies. There is such gentleness and feeling in Jon’s voice and I always sensed a lot of care for the soul, as if he was talking personally to me as well as to everyone else on the planet. The way I understand it is that I have used Jon’s music in my own mind to build a relay beacon to my Higher-Self from the future and download information of how to evolve as a musician.


When I met Jon Anderson he was very kind, living in a heightened state of being, super-aware of the surroundings and controlling the energy of the room. He talked to me of the dangers of being brainwashed by the big media companies and I handed him my poetry book. It was a very graceful and reverent experience. Jon Anderson’s songs taught me to believe in myself, so I am a direct product of their teachings and I am proud to have sung them since they mean the world to me. 


Going through the songs, I opened many closed doors in my mind to reach a powerful place of stability from where I felt I could control them. Singing them felt like flying a spaceship from where I could see the whole world from above and from there I could have clarity of thought to reach my daily goals. It was a difficult decision to sing some of them with a heavier sound, but I really enjoyed doing it because I felt it would empower the message of the lyrics.


The more personal songs I had to re-envision from my own perspective or else I felt I couldn’t sing them, so they came out a bit different but, I think, honest. Sometimes a crazy idea would show up and I just let it in order to create something unique which wouldn’t be just a forced copy. With some songs I felt they became something new entirely, for some I would feel Jon’s presence in spirit approving or disapproving of production options. Once I had a dream I met Jon Anderson and sang a song with him, it was an amazing feeling which I hope one day can come true. 


I went about the project in two different ways: first, just as a straightforward cover album and second, as if I was creating my dream Jon Anderson album. The new songs basically wrote themselves, as additions and extensions that came naturally after covering the originals. I also wanted to revisit some past musical ideas which, due to the changes in life, were lost and haven’t been completed, so I did my best to reimagine them again on a blank canvas. I ask the listeners to delve into them with an open mind. 


Sometimes I’d get a vision from a verse and felt I just had to expand it further, to explore the landscape formed by the music in my mind, and it transported me to a higher reality. It’s possible that some of Jon Anderson’s Ideas are coming from too far away into the future to have all made it on the albums, but I hope someday they’ll be released properly, because I really cherish all of his work and look forward to the joy of new musical projects from him.


I realize Jon Anderson’s voice is iconic to so many people through the music he created and sometimes I’d hear his voice in my head singing a song, yet to keep perspective, I imagined him as a Virtual Music Teacher relaying messages to me directly from the Musicsoul Continuum. The power of imagination can open new dimensions of thought where everything is possible and so I envisioned this project as coming from a timeline of musical freedom.


On a personal note, I think Musicsoul Continuum merges a lot of projects beyond hate or division towards a unified love dimension, making it a proud achievement for me, and I do hope it will reach a lot of people because it condenses a lot of lyrical and music information that can help with personal realizations of being. There is so much information in the world, yet the true knowledge is not hidden because it’s like real magic, protected from a higher level of consciousness and it only reveals itself to those who are seeking for it. 


The overall message of the songs I picked is a call to action to better ourselves as people, learn from our past to not repeat mistakes in the future, to overcome the hate and live in one reality of light. We are all one but we are not the same, I believe we must learn to respect the differences between us and we will form the new great civilization for the future. I tried to empower the soul not to be bullied by those who want to see the demise of a harmonic functioning society. Sometimes certain actions or discussions are taken to extremes and I don’t want the project to be a source of generating hate. 


Self-producing this project was a difficult financial decision, but I did it because I love Jon Anderson’s music and I believe my investment will be returned if I stay true to what I hold dear in my heart. I recorded the vocals for the first CD in Montreal, the second in Jamaica, the third in Vancouver and the forth in the Dominican. After the release date, I’ll probably go on a short vacation to clear my head and then start my next musical adventure.


I released Musicsoul Continuum on my own White Oil Record Label where I do my best to respect talented players and true art forms, since I think the current big record companies really skewed their standards towards forced releases to make a profit. I envision a rebirth of the music industry which will honor soul charge and not money wasting and I also think our society will achieve awareness to self-repair itself. I believe the future is bright; the world will align and come into balance as resources will balance. This is the true force of the Divine Plan to create a living civilization.


Jon Anderson’s music saved me so many times in my daily living, it helped me cope with depression and various insufficiencies, stopped me from taking hasty actions which I would’ve regretted in the long term and always empowered me to better myself. After fighting with poverty and homelessness early on in my life, I always feel I’m on a journey to reach a place where I can own a property, be safe financially and have people around me who care enough to support my creative projects.


In my spiritual journey, I reached a destiny crossroad and consciously took a leap of faith, choosing to evolve to be able to support this music and I’m happy to say this project Musicsoul Continuum helped me align my energetic crystal body, since I believe in a science of light which works with crystal spirals of amplification that flow through dimensional projectors from the Source. We all have to come to a realization of who we want to be as beings and I think this project proves I am a singer-songwriter artist.


Jon Anderson introduced me to the work of Carlos Castaneda and I was well-aware of forces in the shadows who can block the manifestation and psychically attack the success of every project, but I’m happy to say I defeated the resistance. This project opens a Negative Universe Trap by activating a DNA Soul-Gate to a new Timeline of the Greater Free Universe of Light which has laws based on a different system of being and soul respect. 


We live at the end of history as we know it and from a positive Ascended Future everything that happened will be organized and revalued by a higher intelligence of truth forming a living database of existence, so this project helps with that because it arranged itself on a higher degree of organization of information. In the future, Light Scientists will prove the importance of Jon Anderson’s work, firstly, because of the originality of his ideas and secondly, because of the impact he had on the planet by inspiring so many people to become musicians themselves. I am one of these people and I am proud to be activated as a Light Artist.


For me, Jon Anderson’s music always felt like it was coming from a magical place of legend where honor and justice still had meaning, it felt like he was reading from a book of knowledge written in a language only he could understand and he was translating it for us through his songs. Many times he talked about the Kingdom of Fairies, from where dreams can come true by flowing energy into our world. Ever since I heard the story of how Jon met Janie, I admired their harmonic relationship because they are a symbol of True Love which comes from a higher dimension of twin souls who are finally ready to meet in physical life.


Many songs portray Jon Anderson’s love of nature and his respect for the living intelligence of the environment, which translates into spontaneous music that just happens, yet it can be valued as coming from specific energetic alignments. With every album, Jon is re-inventing himself, always looking for the perfect musical adventure and I think that is a very worthy quest, much like improving the design of technology. I want to live in a self-evolving Creation and Jon had always showed us that life can be wonderful and exciting if we’re always in search of new things and integrate them positively into our society. 


I wanted the songs to sound as if they were written in 2020 and make them relevant to todays issues, so if people understand that, they should enjoy Musicsoul Continuum. I hope to perform some of these songs on stage because they were a big influence on me as an artist. His music was always personal to me, it supported me to dream and I felt chosen and blessed to do this project as a student of Jon’s, wanting to amplify and share the love he already brought into the world.

Another theme in Jon Anderson’s philosophy is that we are all star-people and our true home is somewhere else in another space and time, but we came on this planet to learn how to work together. One day, if the stars align, I’d like to meet Jon and record a song with him, as many people have done in a professional manner. However, a secret idea formed in my mind as I was working on Musicsoul Continuum. I realized that if Olias of Sunhillow is Jon’s soul story, then musically, I might be part of Zamran, the music child consciousness projected back in time to stop the tragedy of the planet exploding, coming from a rebirthed New Universe. 


If he and I were to work on Zamran, the son of Olias, together it would take the pressure off the expectation of having to match Olias’s impact in the world as an album, because with two singers, the new project would become about something else. For me, it would be the meeting of meetings and it would allow Jon a framework to release all the music he has in his archives for Zamran which would be a true blessing for the world. While this is just my secret childish wish, if it were to actually happen it would have to be done from a light platform of understanding, and the album would become more like a response to Olias rather than a follow up. I’m just putting the thought out there in the Universe. 


Jon always managed to transpose the complexity of the world into melodies, pushing the boundaries of language, music and sounds. Building bridges through communication is very important if we are to learn from each other and better ourselves as people. Sometimes I think Jon Anderson’s music comes from a very high future where you have access to time-travel technology and conscious soul consent to just simply insert ideas into peoples minds back in time to rewrite reality. 


On a final note, I want to mention a story from back in 2008, from when I heard that Jon was hurried to the hospital with respiratory failure, the very day after I had just seen him live in concert. Needless to say I was in total shock, completely devastated and feared we were going to lose him! Moreover, I realized there was not anybody else on the planet keeping such high frequencies of light and love active and felt an incredible deep sadness. With care, in a moment of inspiration, I sensed a divine presence around me and it helped me write the song One Moment as a dedication for him to get better and return on stage. To my relief, that actually happened in the following year in 2009 and now I’m so happy to see he’s healthier and happier than ever enjoying touring with the 1000 Hands Band. 


This was my overall journey to bring Musicsoul Continuum into reality and I hope you enjoy it! 


John Vehadija 


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