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April 04, 2020

Progressive Rock Ensemble Light Freedom Revival

Releases Jon Anderson Tribute Boxset ‘Musicsoul Continuum’

Feat. Jamie Glaser, Eric Gillette, Oliver Wakeman and Dylan Howe

A lifelong dream coming true!

VANCOUVER, BC: Canadian singer-songwriter John Vehadija has completed an ambitious project by assembling his dreamcast of musicians to create over four hours of reimagined Jon Anderson music which is released on 04/04/2020.


The tribute boxset called ‘Musicsoul Continuum’ has 4 CDs: Symphonic Pearlgates (featuring Jamie Glaser on guitar and bass), Alternative Mindspaces (featuring Eric Gillette on guitar), True Love Dreamwishes (featuring Oliver Wakeman on keyboards) and One World Timebraces (featuring Dylan Howe on drums). 

Vehadija has been a fan of his music for over twenty years, since he was fourteen and felt a personal calling to honor Anderson's work in an innovative way. 


“I always found wisdom in Jon’s words and I always had a great love and passion for his music. Spiritually, I was able to easily feel the soul freedom his songs portrayed and felt a sense of unity with an ever-shapeshifting benevolent totality of consciousness. The concept of Musicsoul Continuum means that we are all conduits for music coming from a living conscious singularity of being and therefore the music is eternal. This project is my way of contributing to the music world and creating a precedent for the future. On a personal level, I felt I was running a marathon, training myself to sound better and understanding the meaning behind the song structures. It was an accelerated learning process, but this was my dream and so I did it!”


A more in depth essay about the project can be found here


“Listening to the album, it sounds giant, beautifully produced and mixed and the best I’ve heard John sing ever!” says Jamie Glaser about the first CD, while Eric Gillette who created all the arrangements for CD two had this to say: “I’ve had a blast working on this project for him, I’m glad he liked all the tracks as much as I do! That’s what it’s all about!” 


Oliver Wakeman complemented the last track of CD three, One Moment: “I really enjoyed playing along to this one, probably because I didn't know it and it's a completely different feel to a lot of the other tracks on the album.” Then Dylan Howe concluded this about CD four: “I listened to it and thought it sounded great!” 

There are also ten new songs, inspired by his hero Jon Anderson which Vehadija explained happened as a natural extension to the music. Also the Boxset Artwork is created by the international visual artist Ed Unitsky known for his complex and captivating surrealistic landscapes.  


“Jon Anderson always sang about the coming of a new age, that the new age is here and I am trying to open the gates towards that. All the musicians thought the project sounded great and I did the best I could with my vocals.” 


While some believe that Jon Anderson songs cannot be sung by anybody else, Vehadija hopes his dream project will find an audience who appreciates his intention to create a positive musical experience on a separate new platform than what fans were normally used to. 


“I wanted to do this project so I can ascend the hate in the world, since I observed the biggest paradox happening: how can you love Jon Anderson music and totally act opposite to its message is a mystery to me which I’m still trying to solve… Sometimes you imagine a project from a place of love and infinite support for a dream, you don’t think much about the limitations of the world you live in.” 


Light Freedom Revival's Musicsoul Continuum challenges the listener to think fresh and join in the realization that we live in a magical new world where love is everything. The unique boxset is available on CD and MP3 formats starting 04/04/2020 at as well as on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

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1. Reach Out

2. True Wisdom

3. Sense Of Freedom

4. Time Is Time

5. Race To The End

6. Love Letter

7. Limitless

8. In The Tower

9. Christie

10. If Only You Knew

11. Light Of Reason

12. Yours Is No Disgrace

13. Soul Phoenix

14. And You And I

15. Write Me The Way

16. Give Me The Keys



1. Song Of Seven

2. True Life Song

3. Children Of Light

4. Easier Said Than Done

5. Power Of One

6. Under The Sun

7. Surrender

8. EarthMotherEarth

9. Top Of The World

10. Heaven’s Love

11. Sound And Color

12. Youth

13. Flags That Fly

14. Imagine The Power

15. I Am This I Am

16. Song Of Essence



1. Rhythm Of Love

2. Earth And Peace

3. Loved By The Sun

4. Lady Of Dreams 

5. Each And Every Day

6. Endless Dream

7. Hurry Home

8. Lightning Strikes

9. Waited Forever

10. Wisdom Call

11. I’m Alive

12. Give Love Each Day

13. Never My Love

14. Circle Of Life

15. Be A Good Friend

16. One Moment 



1. Laws Of The Soul

2. Find A Better Way

3. Wisdom To Sell

4. Axis Of Love

5. Fix Yourself

6. Girl On Fire

7. To Paradise

8. True Religion

9. The Catamaran

10. Soul Signals

11. Magic Of Love

12. Towards The Light

13. Tall Buildings

14. Last Chance

15. Angel In Disguise

16. Olias Medley


“Loving the whole event and your words jump off the page, thank you!” - Jon Anderson

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