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New Winter Holidays themed album by Light Freedom Revival




  1. Christmas Magic
  2. Santa’s Promise
  3. Christmas For Us All
  4. Snow Angel
  5. Child In The Winter
  6. Christmas Everyday
  7. He’ll Come They Said
  8. Keep Xmas Safe
  9. Our Love Is Evergreen
  10. Holiday Serendipity
  11. Skating On The Ice
  12. New Year’s Eve
  13. The Meaning


John Vehadija - Lead Vocals

Marisa Frantz - Harmony Vocals

Vanya Grastic - Guitas

Ry Jones - Keyboards

Sam Bourne - Bass

Nico Bonneyrat - Drums


Mixed by Lake at 216ProStudio

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum


Artwork by Ed Unitsky


*** file includes the FLAC and MP3 versions, lyrics and artowrk



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