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Terra Architecta

New LFR Double Studio Album 


Disk 1


1. Intro Arrival

2. Architects Matter

3. Light Soul Messiah

4. The Witnessing

5. Light Mass Particle Seal

6. Ascended Language

7. Twin Soul Medallion

8. Access Key 13

9. Sophy I Love You


Disk 2


10. Terra Architecta

11. Jecardton

12. Heaven Foundation

13. Vehicle For imagination

14. Light Side Of Infinity

15. Slipstream Genie

16 Casinorama

17. Marriage Luminatrix

18. Outro Ascension

19. Architects Matter (acoustic)


Lead Vocals: John Vehadija

Harmonies: Marisa Frantz

Guitars: Vanya Graztik

Keyboards: Ry Jones

Bass: Sam Bourne

Drums: Nico Bonneyrat


Mixed and mastered by Lake at 216ProStudio, Athens, Greece

Artwork by John Vehadija


Terra Architecta

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