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Truthonomy - Crystal USB (Deluxe Edition)

The new Light Freedom Revival album Truthonomy presented 

in a new format of 'High Quality Audio Crystal USB' which includes


  • 24bit/48,000 kHz wav files
  • 24bit/320Kbps Mp3
  • Artwork Ready to Print




01 Lies No More

02 Caravan

03 Lady Marian    

04 Jesus With A Guitar               

05 Allah Is Cool            

06 Emma

07 Judgement Day          

08 Arcadia

09 Truthonomy 



  • Truthonomy Demos and Outtakes folder


         01. Lies No More (Rock Version)

         02. Caravan (Instrumental)

         03. Lady Marian (Live Version)

         04. Jesus With A Guitar (John's Version)

         05. Allah Is Cool (Demo Version)

         06. Emma (Demo Version)

         07. Judgement Day (Demo Version)

         08. Arcadia (Demo Version)

         09. Truthonomy (Acoustic Version)

         10. Lies No More (Remix Dance Version)

         11. Lady Marian (Piano Version)

         12. Jannah (Instrumental Version)

         13. Emma (Piano Version)


  • Exclussive Lyric Video for Lies No More
  • Additional Promotional Material


John Vehadija - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Marisa Frantz - Harmony Vocals

Jamie Glaser - Acoustic Guitars 

Billy Sherwood - Drums & Bass

Oliver Wakeman - Piano & Keyboards

Eric Gillette - Additional Electric Guitar 


Artwork by Ed Unitsky


Mixed & Mastered by Eric Gillette


Produced by John Vehadija

Truthonomy - Crystal USB (Deluxe Edition)

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